Get to know us, we're fun to work with! 


How it works.... Start to finish, our Akumal, MX vacation experts handle everything for your lodging.

Been doing' it for 29 years. We're good at what we do, and have fun,  'cuz we adore our clients!


Here's the scoop on how it works... pretty easy! 


 1. You get us the details ... 
Give us your dates & # guests (note kid's ages) for your Akumal, Mexico Caribbean rental. Shoot us your budget and goals too if you know them. 
2. We send you a list of property links we think are a good fit for you ... 
We do the legwork and select the most fabulous and reliable properties. Oh yeah, did you know,  we also secure the best rates? We do.  
 3. You choose your property ... 
Let us know which property is your fave and we will lock it down. We'll send you the invoice.  We can book one rental or ten, whatever you need.  
4. You start dreamin' of your R & R ... 
We book and confirm your property, take care of all the details for you.  You start packing! 
5. We are here or you ...  
Area Guide, check.     Maps, check.     Advice, check.     Questions, check. 


PROOF: 1989! We're good at what we do, 'cuz we love our jobs. Some of the best; try us out and we think you will agree! (We love our jobs and clients!)  Since its inception in 1989, Caribbean Fantasy, Inc. (CF) has been a pioneer company representing vacation rentals in Akumal and the surrounding beachfront destinations on the Caribbean side of Mexico. Most of our clients are long time guests of ours who we adore working for, come find out why....

YIK YAK AMIGOS:  We are commonly referred to  in the vacation rental property industry as the  " of Mexican Travel."  Your friendly and helpful staff at Caribbean Fantasy work 365 days a year for you, and are intimately familiar with all the properties represented, giving us the unique ability to find the perfect property for your needs, wishes and budget. Excellent customer service and ethics are what have kept us a leader in the industry as the competition has exponentially increased over the years. Here is a fun tid-bit - when we started, there was only one land line phone in the area, so we did all our business by fax - the caretakers would pedal in on their bikes each day to see if they had a fax posted on the board, to find out when the next guest was arriving! The internet was not even a household word...... In the best interest of our clients, our focus is soley on vacation rentals, so we know each property initmately, a huge advantage over our competition. Of course, we have all kinds of advice on just about anything you need to know when planning a trip. 

LEGENDS:  We are filled to the brim with them!

  • Jack Kirkpatrick ("Mr. Yak") purchased Caribbean Fantasy, Inc. , just a few months after it began, by opening up a US based sales office in Colorado. He and Vera were passionate about the area and its people. 
  • Lisa Gunderson, Jack and Vera's daughter, purchased the company shortly after his death in 2004, and continues Jack's family's love affair with Akumal and the Mexican Yucatan pennisula. In addition to Lisa, who has been actively involved with with CF since 1990, our wonderful sales staff includes
  • Sibley  (2016), our calm multitasker and  world traveler.
  • Toni  (2011),  our veteran global traveler& annual CF client since 1988!
  • Michelle (2015), the sweetest of all and in love with Akumal. 
  • Amanda (2014), our local whiz.
  • Ellie (2018)  with talented beyond belief.   
  • Kay (19 years with CF) and Barbara (11 years with CF), Jill (10 years with CF) are all now enjoying their  long earned time with grandchildren, and fun Cate (2004-2016 for now)  is off being a mom, traveler and writer.

BIENVENIDOS: To simplify reservations, the sales office is located in the United States, making communication a breeze for you. There are on-site representatives in Akumal available to assist the clients once they arrive. When the reservation is paid in full, Caribbean Fantasy, Inc. provides clients with an unique and famous informational area guide, started by Jack and updated by the staff each year~ almost 30 years in the making! We hope you enjoy Akumal and the area as much as Jack and the CF staff have over the years!





Jack Kirkpatrick, Caribbean Fantasy, Inc.  Founder


Jack Kirkpatrick, "Mr. Yak", Caribbean Fantasy, Inc. Founder