Casa Del Sol - Yalku Lagoon

in Akumal - Yalku Lagoon

  • Bedrooms: 5
  • Bathrooms: 6
  • Prices: ~$200 - $700 per night
  • Rating: 5 Stars 5 Stars 5 Stars 5 Stars 5 Stars
    (based on 3 reviews)
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Casa del Sol, a 5 bedroom and 6 bathroom villa,can host up to 14 guests! It has 2 king beds, 3 doubles, 3 twins and 1 sofa bed.

Casa del Sol is well known for it's Yalku Lagoon location, right at the most popular part of the lagoon, yet very private, and it has wonderful artful Mexican decor. This villa is perfect for large groups or families. Casa del Sol can be rented with up to five bedrooms and can sleep up to 14 people comfortably. This villa is popular with families who have teens.

There are two cooking areas, one indoor and one outdoor kitchen and living area on the lagoon side of the property, both are great for entertaining and family reunions. Access to the lagoon is very easy, just down the garden path and across your own private bridge into the cool clear water of Yal-Ku where you can snorkel with the fish all day long.

Guests find Casa del Sol a treat for the many unique and attractive murals painted throughout the house that highlight the areas Mayan history and natural beauty. This house is truly one of kind and lends itself very well to people just "hanging out" together and having a great time! Merily and Obideo, the caretakers, do an excellent job. They are very charming and will take superb care of you. They are also available to prepare meals for an additional fee, which we highly recommend you try. They really are wonderful!

Casa del Sol has many amenities including gorgeous and unique swimming pool with swim against current on the lagoon side of the property. There are outdoor showers for rinsing off after snorkeling in the lagoon and tanks for rinsing your gear. There is a TV/DVD/VCR/Satellite in the main living area. They have a wide selection of VHS movies and a few DVDs.

Casa del Solis is a villa with 5 bedrooms and will comfortably sleep 14 people. There are 2 bedrooms on the second level. One room has 2 twin beds and 1 double, the other has 1 double and 1 single bed. Each bedroom has a private bathroom and air conditioning. The master is on the third level with a king bed, desk, private bathroom, air conditioning and a private palapa covered patio. For additional sleeping, there is a casita downstairs with king bed, private bathroom, stove and sink, and air conditioning. There is also a tower bedroom with a double bed and a single futon, air conditioning and great views! There are also roof top-hammocks, shower and toilet. There is also a bathroom off of the main patio area.

Cook services are available at Casa del Sol for US$7 per person per meal. The cost of groceries and tip is additional.

Casa del Sol Menu

Please order cook service one day in advance or the same day but in the first hour of the morning to the chef and give him money to buy wherever he needs for the cook service that you did order and he will charge his transportation to go to the market and when he finishes his service please tip him.
Breakfast - Desayuno


1. Scrambled Eggs - Huevos a la Mexicana


Eggs served Mexican-style with tomatoes, onion and green pepper.May be served with either toast or corn tortillas.
Huevos con tomates, cebolla y chile morron. Sirve con pan tostado o tortillas.


2. Fried Eggs ‘Rancheros’ - Huevos Rancheros


Fried eggs with tortilla and red sauce. Served with refried beans.
Huevos fritos contortilla y salsa roja y frijoles refritos.


3. Omelet Eggs - Omelet de Huevo   


Cheese and ham with eggs and served with refried beans.
Queso y jamon envueltos con huevosy servido con frijoles refritos.


4. Fried Eggs - Huevos Fritos


Served with refried beans.
Servido con frijoles refritos.


5. Pancake - Hot cake


6. French Toast - Tostada Francesa


7. Chilaquiles


Mexican dish with chips and tomato sauce.
Servido con totopos y salsa de tomate.


8. Cheese and ham with eggs. Served with refried beans - Queso y jamon envuelto y servido con frijoles refritos.


9. Fruit Plate - Platos de frutas


Seasonal  fruit. Fruta de la estacion.


**All eggs dish will be served with refried beans and Mexican hot sauce (tomatoes, onion, cilantro - marinated in lime) and served either with corn tortillas or bread.
**Todos los huevos seran servidos con frijoles refritos salsa mexicana (tomate,cebolla,cilantro y marinado con limon )y servido con tortllas de maiz o pan.


Snacks – Botana


All snacks served with tortilla chips.
Toda salsa es servido con totopos de maiz.


1. Mexican Sauce - Salsa Mexicana


Specify whether – picante (hot) or non picante (mild).


2. Guacamole


3. Quesadillas 


A Mexican version of the grilled cheese sandwich.


4. Green Salad - Ensalada Verde


Lettuce, tomatoes, onion, carrot, cucumber, celery.
Lechuga, tomate, cebolla, zanahoria, pepino, apio.


5. Ceviche (Fish or shrimp or mixed - Pescado o camaron o mixto)


Marined with lime juice and tomato, onion and cilantro.
Marinado con jugo de limon, tomate, cebolla y cilantro.


6. Nachos


Tortillas chips with refried beans, manchego cheese and Mexican sauce.
Totopos con frijoles refritos, queso manchego y salsa mexicana.


Soup - sopa


1. Vegetables and Chicken Soup - Sopa de verduras con pollo


2. Tortillas soup - Sopa de torillas


Cooked with tortilla chips, avocado, manchego cheese and chicken.
Servido con totopos, aguacate, queso manchego y pollo.


3. Lime Soup - Sopa de lima


Cook with chicken, avocado, rice and tortillas chips.
Servido con pollo, aguacate, arroz y totopos.


4. Mayan Soup - Sopa Maya


Cooked with cream of black beans, avocado, manchego cheese, tortilla chips.
Cosinado con crema de frijoles negros, aguacate, queso manchego totopos.


5. Beef soup with vegetables - Sopa de res con verduras         


Dinner menu - Cena


Chicken - Pollo                                                     


1. Mayan chicken - Pollo Maya                        


This is a popular Mayan chicken dish made with a mild red spice ( achiote ),oñions, tomatoes, and baked in banana leaves.
Es un platillo popular maya cosinado con achiote, cebolla,tomates y horneado en hojas de platano.


2. Chicken fajitas - Fajitas de pollo                '


Cooked with onions and green paper.
Cosinado con cebolla y pimiento verde.       


3. Chicken enchiladas - Enchiladas de pollo     


Chicken filled corn tortillas with either red sauce or green.
Pollo rellenado a la tortilla de maiz con salsa roja o salsa verde.


4. Chicken with onion - Pollo encebollado                                  


Chicken cooked with slices of onion.
Pollo cosinado con cebolla.                              


Beef - Carne de res                                              


1. Beef fajitas - Fajitas de res                             


Cooked with onion, green pepper.   
Cosinado con cebolla y pimineto verde.     


2. Beef tampiqueña - Tampiqueña


Pork - Puerco                                        


1. Pork fajitas - Fajitas de puerco                  


Cooked with onion and green pepper.
Cosinadocon cebolla y pimiento verde.         


2. Poc Chuc


Mayan pork marinated with mayan sauce (achiote).
Puerco maya marinado con salsa maya (achiote). 


3. Cochinita pibil


Traditional Mayan dish baked with mayan sauce (achiote), banana leaves and red onion.
Platillo tradicional cosinado al horno con achiote, hojas de platano y cebolla roja.


Seafood - Marisco                                       


1. Garlic and butter shrimps - Camarones al ajo y mantequia         


2. Breaded and fried shrimps - Camarones empanizados                                    


3. Mexican Shrimp - Camarones mexicanos                                             


Shrimps cooked with tomatoes, onion and cilantro.
Camarones cosinado con tomates, cebolla y cilantro.


4. Garlic and butterfish filet - Filete de pescado ajo y mantequia       


5. Breaded and fried fish filet - Filete de pescado empanizado   


6. Fish filet Veracruz style - Filete de pescado veracruz               


Fish filet cooked with slices of tomatoes, onion and olive oil.
Filete de pescadocosinado con tomates, cebolla y aceite de olivo.


Vegetarian dishes - Platos vegetariano 


1. Vegetarian Fajitas - Fajitas vegeteriana


Mixed cooked vegetables, beans, rice.
Verduras cosidas mixtas,frijoles,arroz.


2. Cile Poblano


Stuffed chile poblano with vegetables and cheese or seafood and cheese and tomato sauce.
Chile relleno con verduras y queso or mariscos y queso con salsa de tomate.


Dessert menu - Postre 


1. Sweet rice pudding - Arroz con leche


2. Home made custard – Flan de la casa


Cooked with eggs, condensed milk, carnation milk and sugar.
Cosinado con huevos, leche carnation, lecheray azucar.


3. Gelatina - Jello 


4. Fruit plate of the season - Plato de fruta de la estacion                


5. Fruit cocktail of the season - Coktel de frutas de la estacion                                               


6. Cake - Pastel                                                          


Bought in the market - Comprado.                                                                                                    


7. Ice cream - Helado                                            


Bought in the market - Comprado.      




  • The chicken will be served with refried black beans and rice.
  • Beef will be served with refried black beans, rice and mixed cooked vegetables.
  • Seafood will be served with rice and vegetables.
  • All dishes come with chips and salsa.
  • All the services included Mexican sauce and corn tortilla chips.






Add Ons at Casa del Sol    5BR 6BA 
Base # of Guests  8
Max # of Guests 13
Extra PP Fee 
Adults $250/week pp
Children 9 and under $150/week pp


Casa del Sol  Beds Baths Level Extra Notes
Master 1K   1  3rd Level Covered Terrace, desk, A/C
BR 2 1D 2T   1   2nd Level A/C
BR 3 1D 1T  1 2nd Level A/C
BR 4  1D, 1TF  1  Tower Level Amazing Views, A/C, exotic shower
BR 5  1K  1  Beach Level Exterior entrance, stove, sink, A/C
   1 Beach Level   By the outdoor kitchen
K = King, Q = Queen, D = Double, T = Twin, F = Futon


  • Tax: Base rates do not include 19% tax or extra per person fees.
  • Security Deposit and Rental Agreements: Guest Agreement needed. Security deposit will be by credit card. *Non-refundable US$40 damage waiver required.
  • Rental Details:  The rate is based on 8 guests. Max. Occupancy 13 guests. Please add $250/Adult over the base rate of 8 guests. Please add $150/Child 9 years old and under. High Season min 7 nights stay, Mid and Low seasons min 5 nights stay, unless otherwise agreed.
  • Seasonal Policies: Christmas and New Years, 7 night rentals per holiday stay is mandatory.
  • Rate Policies: Rates are in US dollars per week for the base number of guests. Prices are subject to change without notice and rates are not guranteed until financially confirmed.
  • Smoking Policy: No smoking allowed.
  • Pet Policy: PETS WELCOME! Please ask us about additional security deposit for pets.





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Casa Del Sol
5 Stars 5 Stars 5 Stars 5 Stars 5 Stars
09/11/2018 Katie Thomas
Staying at Casa del Sol - Yalku Lagoon was THE MOST FANTASTIC vacation I have ever been on, and I do mean EVER! It was like a dream - TRULY a fantasy in every way! The house was absolutely fabulous, and on the most breathtaking property with the most breathtaking views! I have never had so much fun in my life - the private pool - the Yalku Lagoon - with our own private entrance - where we could snorkel every single day - and the service was impeccable - the food was to die for - I could go on and on and on - but, I just want to go back!!!
5 Stars 5 Stars 5 Stars 5 Stars 5 Stars
07/20/2018 Kathy Brucki
We stayed at Casa Del Sol......amazing home. I had The penthouse room and loved it. Used the top balcony at night for star gazing. The pool is awesome the snorkeling is awesome but best is the housekeeper and her husband who is great chef. Cant wait o go back.
5 Stars 5 Stars 5 Stars 5 Stars 5 Stars
09/30/2015 Pauline - Fairfax
Great house and location! Perfect for our family of 7 when we stayed in June of 2014. Thank you for a lovely time!!


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  • Beach Towels
  • Free Entrance to Yalku Lagoon
  • Games & Books
  • Kitchen Indoors & Outdoors
  • Maid Service 6X week
  • On the Water
  • Pool
  • Purified Water
  • TV with Satellite


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Property Casa Del Sol - Yalku Lagoon in Akumal - Yalku Lagoon

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