Terms and Conditions

As a Caribbean Fantasy, Inc  client, when confirming a booking in person, on the phone, by email, or via an online ad site,  you are agreeing to our

General Reservation Information Terms and Conditions: Amenities and prices online and on the Caribbean Fantasy, Inc. price lists are kept current as much as possible, but may not be perfectly accurate. Rates and terms will be guaranteed when the reservation is confirmed or in cases where a rental agreement is required, when it and the payment are received by Caribbean Fantasy, Inc.

Holds: On most properties, a hold can be requested, and that property will be held for the guest by Caribbean Fantasy, Inc. for 24 hours without any cost to the guest.

Payment Information: Payment is required within 1 day of verbal confirmation. A deposit of at least one-half is required to confirm reservations; all properties require full payment for Holiday reservations. The balance is due 60 days prior to the arrival date (some villas require payment in full 90 days before arrival). Reservations made within sixty days (or, ninety days in some cases) of the arrival date must be paid in full. A voucher will be sent upon final payment. This voucher will be required for admittance upon arrival at the property. Some accommodations require signed rental agreements and/or security deposits, or a copy of the renter's passport. Rates are firm once the reservation is confirmed and the deposit is received. Guests making payments  by online ACH via our secure site www.caribbfan.com payment page, are legal proof the guest is giving Caribbean Fantasy, Inc. permission to deduct the amount of funds noted from the account noted. Guest payments by credit card on our secure payment page will have a small booking fee added (usually 4-5%), which will be outlined on the invoice or receipt. Chargebacks by a guest under contract financially could be considered a felony. Please contact us for any questions reguarding payments.   Rental agreements, and security deposits for properties requiring them, must be returned before guests will be sent final documents. 

Cancellation Terms (per reservation): A property is considered reserved at the time it is verbally confirmed by the guest. Cancellations, for any reason will be subject to a $100 cancellation fee. Reservations being postponed will also be subject to a $100 re-booking fee. Cancellations for any reason, prior to 60 days of arrival (or 90 days for properties requiring full payment 90 days in advance) will forfeit the deposit amount plus the $100 cancellation fee. Cancellations for any reason, less than 60 days of arrival will forfeit the entire rental amount. If the cancellation is made after confirmation, but prior to sending in payment, a $50 US cancellation fee will be due.

Changes: There will be a fee (usually $35 - $50USD) charged per change, on all changes made to a reservation after it is confirmed  verbally or in writing. The number of occupants in a home is set, and there are some exceptions for extra guests up to a higher number for an additional fee, which the client will be responsible for. Rates can change if the reservation is changed.

Conditions: Caribbean Fantasy, Inc. has made a good faith effort to visit and accurately describe/photograph the property, but shall not be liable for any inaccuracies in such descriptions, changes in the conditions or amenities of the accommodation, the surrounding properties, construction, the condition thereof, or for any defects or stoppages of electricity, gas, water supply, plumbing, or any other services, for any reason. Weather conditions may make property evacuation necessary, there will be no refunds or credits for time unused due to such. The guests ware financially liable for the full rental cost of the property for the full time reserved, whether the client's use it or not.  It is wise to purchase travel insurance for these uncontrollable circumstances. The number of occupants in a home is set, and not to be exceeded over the number reserved, or additional fees may be charged by the on site management (or all guests evicted on the spot depending on the situation). Caribbean Fantasy, Inc. undertakes to act only as agent for the owner or owner's agent. Caribbean Fantasy, Inc. maintains no control over the equipment, facilities, operation, agents or employees of the owner of the accommodation, or their representatives, executors, administrators, successors, or assignees arising out of: (a) personal injury, accident or death; (b) property lost, stolen, or damaged; (c) loss of physical or mental enjoyment; or (d) delay, inconvenience or changed itinerary-resulting from any acts or omissions of the owners of the accommodations, his employees or agents, or any other party not under the direct employ and control of Caribbean Fantasy, Inc., Inc. or from any act of nature, war, strike, governmental act, or any other event or cause beyond Caribbean Fantasy Inc.'s control. By confirming the reservation, each guest shall and does hereby indemnify Caribbean Fantasy Inc., it's employees, subagents, and representatives, and holds them harmless from and against any claim, loss, theft, damage, cost or expense (including reasonable attorney's fees) to persons or property, however caused, which occurs on or about the accommodation, or in connection with evacuation, or travel thereto or there from.

Damages: The clients agree by confirmation of reservation that any variances to the rules or damages above normal wear and tear, will enable the client's to financially liable for additional these fair costs and or outlined fines, be in jeopardy of fees and fines, or create a situation of eviction without refund. In most cases the tenant would be given notice to amend the situation first, or the governing parties (the owner(s), or their directors or agents) will attempt to work out a solution for all involved before taking more drastic measures. Security deposits if collected pre-vacation, will be held in trust by the agent and destroyed once the agent has assurance that no damage, etc. has been incurred. Security deposits are destroyed approximately 30 days or less after the guests departure from the property if not cashed. Tenant agrees that funds will be used fairly to cover damages, if any are incurred. If the security deposit is necessary to be processed, there will be a $50 fee added to the damage amount for administrative costs.

The tenant agrees to use the said property for residential purposes only and agrees to refrain from any use, which may be offensive to the owner(s) or neighbors, or, may be asked to leave the premises with no refund. No pets will be allowed without prior written consent from the owner(s) without incurring a penalty fee. The tenant(s) shall remove no items in the residence including furniture, decorations, household goods, utensils, towels or linens, even temporarily, from the residence. The tenant(s) shall be responsible to the owner(s) for any loss or damage to the property, or contents during the tenant(s) occupancy of the said property. Any locked areas on the property are reserved for the explicit use of the owner(s). With notice, or in the case of an emergency without notice, the owner(s), or their directors or agents, reserve the right to access the property during the occupancy for the purpose of repairs, maintenance or inspection. Caretakers and cleaning staff will be onsite most days working quietly around the guests.

Failure to Pay: Clients are legally bound to pay for services rendered by the terms and conditions of the rental as stated here. In a case of Theft of Services, criminal charges, legal action, collection, and other options necessary will be implemented to secure funds, and all fees for such will be charged to the client in addition to the amount originally due for the agreed upon reservation through our agency.

Other: A) Each property is limited to the number of persons indicated on the final documents. This limit is enforced and tenants are considered in violation of the rental agreement if the number is exceeded. Rent, fees and fines or eviction will be enforced if over the max number of guests. B) No wedding or any other function that involves extra people at the property other than paid guests noted on the reservation can be held without prior approval. Advance notice must be given if an event that includes anyone, including musicians, caterers, photographers, etc. The tenant(s) may not sublet or assign a reservation without written consent of the agent or owner(s).

Evacuations: Property management is cautious about tropical storms, and has the right to evacuate guests when necessary. There will be no refund or credits for evacuations due to hurricanes, tropical storms, natural disasters, war, strikes, or other conditions that are beyond Caribbean Fantasy, Inc's control. It is wise to purchase travel insurance to protect travelers for these unlikely events. It is recommended each guest procure travel insurance for the protection of persons and property, and with respect to personal and financial liability, while traveling to and from, and occupying the accommodation. It is wise to research vehicle coverage before departing, as US insurance does not cover drivers in Mexico. Travel insurance, some credit cards and car rental agencies offer coverage, please inquire.

Travel Insurance: For peace of mind, travel insurance is always recommended for travel anywhere, Mexico or otherwise. For more information on Caribbean Fantasy, Inc.'s recommended travel coverage, please visit Access America by pasting this link into your browser. Access America Travel Insurance Plan